"德" stands for behaviors of integrity and characteristic of goodness.

Generally speaking, following the rules of nature, fitting in with the regulations in the human society is what we call "德", or morality. To be more specific, in work fields, it can be referred to workplace ethics, the criteria of behaviors, professional specification and criteria, etc.


"慎", originally represents cautiousness, with the meaningof circumspection and conscience.

The character "慎", is combined with "心" and "真", which means "heart" and "true" respectively. Since sincerity accurately describes what a true heart is, it is exactly the meaning of "慎". Only with a true heart can we deal with everything attentively and cautiously, strictly abiding by our profession and ethics.


"德慎" is not only our name, but also the value we pursue.

Our anticipation is to provide the best-knit professional services with the most sincerity, and dedicate ourselves to the goodness and honesty of the society.


In Chinese, both the meaning and the pronunciation of "德慎" is similar to those of "decent" in English; therefore, we named ourselves as Decent in English.



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