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We provide the service of “lease an actuary”. The idea comes from the other professionals we “lease”.We “lease” lawyers, accountants and other professionals when we need them.

Many companies have the need of actuarial services, but not on a full-time basis.These services can be viewed in two levels:

First, the typical actuarial works ofproduct design and liability reserving, can be performed on routine basis, whilethe leased actuary can be engagedfor specific product reviews or reserve analysis.

Second, some actuarial tasks may go beyond the “basic” domain.Normally, these executivelevel activities are typically performed by a Chief Actuary, who not only knows how to do the pricing and reserving activities, but also knows these additional activities and how they should be integrated into the other functions of the company. The Chief Actuary views the actuarial function and activities from an executive management perspective, and the executive management activities from an actuarial perspective.

For companies that do not hire a Chief Actuary on a full time basis, our services can be retained on an advisory basis.



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